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Introducing the Educator Incubator Program
Online teaching can be difficult. From growing a strong audience and managing student engagement to creating digital assets and releasing regular content, we're here to help.
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Summer 2020 Applications Now Open!

Parthean's Educator Incubator Program is accepting applications from educators for the Summer 2020 cycle. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

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About the Educator Incubator Program

Parthean is an education company focused on improving education. For years, we've supported some of the world's largest companies and for the first time, we're putting our experience to work to cultivate earlier-stage educators. Our support focuses on:

Impactful Education

You're an educator with your own expertise and style, but perhaps you want to experiment with new mediums, new approaches or you simply want some feedback on your content. Whatever it is, we’re here to help.

Steady Growth

You might already have a huge following, and you might not. Either way, our team is here to support your growth on any platform by helping you develop digital assets, runFacebook, Google, or LinkedIn ads, and cross-market with our other partners.

Reliable Revenue

Being an educator is a difficult, time consuming, and historically under-appreciated and underpaid job. We’re here to help you build a business around education by so you can continue helping students, but make money too.

What we're looking for in educators

Personal Touch

Teaching is a social art and we believe that relationships drive student success. We're looking for educators that use technology to scale those personal relationships, not hide from them.

Do you want to engage with your students in a virtual community, outside of the comment section?Then we want to hear from you.

Student Following

We'd like to support educators that already have somewhat of a following. This doesn't mean early-stage educators are not welcome — they very much are. We'd just like to see some success, even if early.

This can be measured in YouTube subscribers, Twitter or Instagram followers, Udemy Students, or any other similar measure.

Creative Approach

There are literally thousands of ways to learn to draw, code, or fix a toaster on the internet. What makes you unique? Tell Us.

The Parthean Educator Network

When you're partnered with us, you're partnered with our entire network.

Weekly Calls & Online Community
Attend and engage in weekly calls with the entire cohort and Parthean Team. Share your experiences, ask each other questions, and tell Parthean how we can help.
Mentorship Programs
Attend monthly virtual office hours with mentors including people from industry, academia, and online learning.
Alumni Network
Continue to learn, grow, and collaborate after the program ends. Maybe you'll come back to host an office hour session 😊


How much does it cost?
Nothing! We’re offering this program for free.
How long is the program?
6 Weeks. Email us for a schedule of events.
What is the time commitment?
We only require that you attend our two weekly sessions, totaling 90-min a week. The first will walk through strategies to achieve the week's outlined goal and the later call is a progress update with a member our team. We'll also hold sessions with guest speakers who will be sharing their experience and expertise.
I have a full-time job. Is that okay?
100%. We designed the program for people who are relatively new to the learning space, meaning that it very well might not be your day job.
I haven’t ever taught online. Is that okay?
We’re willing to accept anybody from an absolute beginner with an idea to a full-fledged company with many employees.

Current Educators

Anthony Saleh
Anthony Saleh is a digital media teacher, commercial photographer and filmmaker from Toronto, Canada. He studied photography at Humber College and Ryerson University where he earned his diploma and B.F.A., respectively. Saleh’s creative approach to teaching combines his practical experience as an artist and a commercial photographer. He has privately taught over 300 students, including Fortune 500 CEOs and he has been commissioned in Canada and abroad more than 100 times over the past 10 years.
Kyle Wong
Kyle is a YouTuber, photographer, and designer based in Toronto, Ontario. He is passionate about educating creative individuals to use photography to compliment your existing skill set. He strives to help you produce powerful images that engage with your audience.
Sharin Yofitasari
Sharin is a Motion Designer based in Melbourne, Australia. She started her own YouTube channel in the hope that she could passed on her motion graphics knowledge to the world. The stuff that she focuses on the channel is mainly 2D motion graphics in After Effects.
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Clarissa Wu
Hello Hello! My name is Clarissa Wu and I’m an aspiring product designer. I love food, tea, coffee, music from literally any era, the ocean, dogs, learning about people’s experiences and collaborative work focused on human-centered design, the environment, social challenges, and any work towards positive change. I’m excited to be a part of such an amazing and compassionate team and hope we can help teach and learn from other people as we build our community.
Frances Yang
Hi there! My name is Frances, an amateur baker, a Moleskine enthusiast, and an aspiring product designer currently studying at UC Berkeley. I’ve enjoyed mentoring and teaching design in the past but I realized creativity isn’t something you can pass on through slide decks and lectures. Talking to people and asking questions is how I learned what I know. I want to help others by building a community that fosters design learning and I hope you come along on this journey with me:)
Katie Quan
Born and raised in San Francisco, Katie Quan (she/her) is a third generation Chinese American. She is the creator of GenerAsian, an illustration-based web series. Her work has been exhibited in Overachievers Magazine, SF Zinefest, Kearny Street Workshop, Asian American Women's Artist Association, and Chinese Historical Society of America. Her newest creative platform, This Asian American Life aims to give voice and cultural identity to emerging creatives and community organizations.
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Max Mirho
I teach entrepreneurship and how to use no-code tools to spin up small businesses and projects for fun or profit.
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Andy Gao
I'm Andy and a part of the Gritty & Curious Team. I'm focused on building the Gritty & Curious Community. I love to read in my free time and am passionate about tech, entrepreneurship, and the future of education.
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Austin Schlessinger
My name is Austin. I am the founder of Gritty & Curious. My passions are business, fitness, and technology. My mission is to give people the inspiration, knowledge, and tools to start their next venture.
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Sachi Shah
Sachi Shah is an interdisciplinary creator passionate about democratizing access to the Arts. She is formally trained in Fine Arts - with a concentration in oil painting and illustration - and has a complimentary knowledge base in Arts Entrepreneurship and Business. Sachi believes in granting artists of all stages the tools, vocabulary and confidence to be creators at any capacity - from personal to professional endeavors.
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