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A financial expert in your pocket

Introducing Parthean AI: the world’s most affordable, powerful, & reliable financial coach — in your pocket.
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Ask questions about your money

Personal finance is personal — so is Parthean AI

No more combing through Google to piece together articles — Parthean AI has the full picture, so its answers are totally custom to you.

We’ve integrated the most cutting-edge AI tools with your personal financial information (read about our security practices). This allows you to ask any question about your money and get answers that are personalized and immediate.


  • How much can I afford to spend on this trip to Aspen?
  • What do I need to do to retire at 60 if my income stays the same?
  • What have you noticed about my finances that needs improving?
  • How is my portfolio currently diversified?
  • What would be an appropriate emergency fund number for me?

Build personalized plans

Financial plans used to cost hours of your time or thousands of your dollars. Parthean AI does it all for you.

Whether you’re paying off student loan debt, getting married, having a child, or just want to go on a trip with friends, Parthean AI will help you build a plan that stays within your budget.


  • I want to pay off my debt in 2 years, can you build me a plan to pay it off?
  • How much can I afford to spend on my wedding next June?
  • Can you help me create a plan to launch my ghostwriting side hustle?
  • How can I improve my spending to afford childcare for my 3 month old baby starting in July?

Dig Deeper

AI shouldn’t be a black box, so Parthean AI explains its answers to you

Most of the time, you just want an answer. But sometimes, you want a bit more. That’s why we taught Parthean AI how to show its work. It’ll provide a full explanation, break down how it gets to an answer, and provide citations, so you can always see the full picture.

Deeply integrated financial tools

All of your accounts, all of the tools you need — all in one place

Parthean AI is deeply integrated into Parthean’s budgeting, investing, and credit management tools.

Trust & Safety

We operate at the intersection of finance and AI, and take our responsibility in this area very seriously. Our aim is to be the world’s most trusted company in both sectors. Here are some ways we are striving to achieve this:

Finally, and most importantly: we will not get everything right. But, we believe that sunlight is the best disinfectant and we are committed to being the most transparent and accountable company in finance and AI.

Unlimited financial coaching.

Right in your pocket.

Your financial education.


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Any financial topic.
5 minutes.

Starting an Emergency Fund
Liquidity Ratio
Setting Financial Goals
Debt to Income Ratio
Tracking Your Spending
Budgeting With Fluctuating Income

And dozens more

Budgeting app.
Investing app.
Subscriptions app.

Your app.

Your guide to the financial world

iPhone highlighting a learning recommendation on the financial dashboard.

Get proactive learning recommendations so you can learn what you need when you need it. You’ll never have to spend hours on Google or Youtube again.

iPhone showing a financial dashboard.

Track your finances on your financial dashboard. We allow you to integrate all of your finances so you can view your financial health and learn how to improve it — all in one place.

iPhone showing a video of a woman speaking to the camera

Stay engaged with our immersive playbooks. We work with the best financial experts to create short, cinema-quality videos and interactive lessons so you can learn on the go.

Oh, and it's beautiful.

3 iPhone's displayed vertically with slight tilts showing the mobile application onboarding and quiz result screens.3 iPhone's displayed vertically with slight tilts showing the mobile application onboarding and quiz result screens. Text on top reading 'Oh, and it's beautiful.'

The personalized finance app

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